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ディスタンシア ~触れられざるもの~ / Distance / 魔咒之吻
Rank: 4266th, it has 627 monthly / 17354 total views.
Authors: Lumion
Genres: Manhua / Webtoon / Shoujo / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Harem / Romance / Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
Luna has been keeping her powers a secret from other people. One day, she initiates a fire in her house for being distracted, and is there when she comes to know that she's actually a witch. after that, She's summoned by her grandmother and goes to an island to train as a witch... a story about a modern witch and werewolf is about to begin.
Original webtoon:
Japanese: http://www.comico.jp/articleList.nhn?titleNo=17790
Chinese: http://www.comico.com.tw/articleList.nhn?titleNo=1207

Chapters (38)

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