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¡Tomo-chan es una chica! / トモちゃんは女の子! / 토모짱은 여자아이! / Si Tomo-chan ay babae! / Tomo-chan är en tjej! / Tomo-chan è una ragazza! / Tomo-chan é uma Garota! / Tomo-chan da kız! / Tomo-chan er en jente! / Tomo-chan est une fille ! / Tomo-chan is a girl! / Tomo-chan is een meisje! / Tomo-chan ist ein Mädchen! / Tomo-chan itu Perempuan! / Томо-тян — девочка! / טומו היא בחורה!
Rank: 38th, it has 47378 monthly / 240608 total views.
Genres: Manga / Seinen / 4 koma / Comedy / Drama / Romance / School life / Slice of life
Direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed
Tomo Aizawa was raised in a Karate Dojo and lived her life as a tomboy until high school. As a result, her childhood friend/love interest Junichirou Kubota (aka Jun) doesn't treat her as a girl at all. Now... How to get him to see her as a girl?
https://twitter.com/humitan - Author's Twitter
https://sai-zen-sen.jp/comics/twi4/tomochan/ (Raw 4-koma)

Chapters (1030)

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Ch.223 : Strong
2 years ago
Ch.216 : Worthy
2 years ago
Ch.212 : Split
2 years ago
Ch.177 : Friend
2 years ago
Ch.115 : Tomoel
2 years ago