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地板下的魔王大人 / フロアに魔王がいます / Floor ni Maoh ga Imasu / Floor ni Maou ga Imasu / There's a Demon Lord on the (Restaurant) Floor
Rank: 5025th, it has 462 monthly / 39677 total views.
Authors: Hato / Kawakami masaki
Genres: Manga / Seinen / Comedy / Ecchi / Fantasy / Harem / Romance
Status: Ongoing
Amon Patricia is a Demon Lord who ruled the land but after just barely escaping the Clan of Light finds her way to the Human World. Now there, she goes about searching for work and starts by looking at a family restaurant by the name of "Humming Dining" . With her seemingly bottomless appetite and love of our hero's food, will our hero be able to keep his sanity as he goes about making her an exemplary employee AND fill her stomach?!

Chapters (29)

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