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Rank: 1967th, it has 1675 monthly / 10599 total views.
Authors: Mochizuki sakura
Genres: Manga / Josei / Adventure / Historical / Romance
Status: Ongoing
Takamori Suzuka is a high school student who is not good when it comes to boys. One day, someone drops her into the sea and she loses her way in a strange Chinese-like parallel universe called Xao! Unable to communicate with anyone, Suzuka is in big trouble when an innocent boy named Gaoxin and a bewitchingly handsome young man named Yonyan save her. They are nobles from powerful families in Xao. Suzuka gradually begins to feel affectionate for Gaoxin and Yonyan, who treat her so kindly. But then Gaoxin suddenly proposes to her?!

Chapters (34)

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