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Read Manga Bride of the Water God Manga | MangaTensei.com
Suijin no Hanayome / 수신의 제물 / La Novia del Dios del Agua / Pengantin Dewa Air / Su Tanrısının Gelini / Suijin no Ikenie / La Femme du Dieu de L'Eau / 水神の生贄(はなよめ) / 水神的祭品 / Невеста бога воды
Rank: 648th, it has 4918 monthly / 120789 total views.
Authors: Toma rei / Toma rei
Genres: Manga / Shoujo / Drama / Fantasy / Historical / Isekai / Romance / Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
The story of a girl who slips back in time to a different era. While playing in her family's garden, Asahi gets sucked in by the small pond and when she wakes up she finds herself in a place that seems like Japan from ancient times. A powerful clan takes her in, but the reason for their kindness is that they intend to sacrifice her to the water god, the dragon, to be his bride... Now that she is at the mercy of a god who appears to know no compassion, what will Asahi's fate be?

Chapters (33)

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