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(一般コミック)[小鳩ねねこ] 肉女のススメ / 肉女のススメ
Rank: 690th, it has 4098 monthly / 15856 total views.
Authors: Kobato neneko
Genres: Manga / Seinen / Comedy / Cooking / Ecchi / Slice of life
Status: Ongoing
Those who love meat more than a job or love... they are called "meat woman".

Meat…the sole oasis for unmarried office ladies around 30 who are desperate both in their work and love life. Stuffing your face with tonkatsu, yakitori, gyudon, and all those yummies without caring about the calories is the ultimate bliss of life. Neneko Kobato’s delicious gourmet manga follows these office ladies as they eat through all that juicy meat!