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王爵的私有宝贝 / Wangjuede Siyou Baobei / The Prince's Private Baby / The Prince's Private Child
Rank: 255th, it has 14292 monthly / 410195 total views.
Authors: Yun duan manhua / Jin ye
Genres: Manhua / Shoujo / 4 koma / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Smut
Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
A young girl wakes up in a hotel room and sees a man lying on top of her, but all she can remember is having a drink with her sister. Luckily she manages to escape from more terror, but still ends up pregnant. She passes out after giving birth, and when she wakes up her stepsister and stepmother can no longer be found in the hospital...Five years later, she moves to Ningguo as an exchange med student, and with her is her 5 year old son who walks into another kid with identical appearance.Early release can be read here: https://discord.gg/8b46HYa
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Chapters (75)

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