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약혼자는 동거중 / The Fiancées Live Together / Cohabitation with the Fiancee
Rank: 1887th, it has 2364 monthly / 73069 total views.
Genres: Manhua / Webtoon / Shounen / Comedy / Ecchi / Mature / Romance / Slice of life
Status: Ongoing
His fiancee lost her parents so she will be living with the Hyeons, but Sang-Won is a middle school student and the fiancée is a 24 year old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiancée is 9 years older than him, but seeing that she does not act her age, he then feels comfortable around her. His fiancée seems kind and innocent on the outside, but on the inside...

Chapters (100)

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Ch.087 : Trouble
5 months ago
Ch.043 : Trouble
2 years ago
Ch.041 : Picnic
2 years ago