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После превращения, наши дикие фантазии / ATF / The Rhapsody of Me and Her
Rank: 1102nd, it has 5213 monthly / 20122 total views.
Genres: Manga / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Gender bender / Martial arts
Status: Ongoing
When other people experience a body transformation, it is inevitably either male to female or female to male.
Me? I wake up to find myself transformed into two different bodies.
Both a male body and a female body, one conscience operating two bodies, all sorts of embarrassing moments.
Walking together normally makes other people think that I am sweethearts with my other-self, such sadness.
Also, the entire business of a hero rescuing the beautiful maiden, I call Bull.
I get slashed by a sword and my female body gets abducted, and he wants me to thank him?!?! Can it be less of a tragedy?

Chapters (58)

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