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Read Manga A World Ruled by Cats Manga | MangaTensei.com
Rank: 136th, it has 20565 monthly / 402836 total views.
Authors: Jing jian / Jing jian
Genres: Manhua / Fantasy / Isekai / Romance
Status: Completed
Nora didn’t want to die. All she wanted, was to save a cat from drowning. When she drowned instead, she woke up in another world: Catsrule, a world ruled by cats! These aren’t your normal kitties though, they walk on two legs and look like us but we’re their pets! It’s not all milk and catnip however, soon Nora is captured and adopted by a cute cat boy who hates humans named Caesar. Can Nora return to her normal life or will she spend nine lives as a cat’s pet?

Chapters (84)

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