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Read Manga Mad Maid with Odd Powers Manga | MangaTensei.com
Rank: 36996th, it has 32 monthly / 7744 total views.
Authors: Mushi ji
Genres: Manga / Action / Comedy / Ecchi / Fantasy / Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
The maid cafe’s shop owner is always away throughout the year, but the two maids keep the shop orderly, neat, and tidy. Suddenly, supernatural attacks disrupted the peace in the shop, and the maids got into fights with them. Together with the male protagonist, Mo Qi and his hidden ability, they undo the manipulation and protect citizens. However, it seems like the shop owner has some sort of connection with these supernatural events, which leads to a big secret...

Chapters (35)

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Ch.025.1 : 4 Koma
9 months ago
Ch.018 : Pandora
9 months ago
Ch.008 : Angel
10 months ago