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Read Manga I Have a Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World Manga | MangaTensei.com
我在末世有套房 / Saya memiliki rumah mewah di dunia setelah akhir zaman
Rank: 174th, it has 13674 monthly / 168506 total views.
Genres: Manhua / Action / Comedy / Ecchi / Romance / Sci fi
Status: Ongoing
Jiang Chen crossed into the judgment day after the nuclear war, and there was a mess everywhere. In order to survive, Jiang Chen led the refugees to establish a base area and set up a federation. Then carry the judgment day's technology and return to the true world. Change the political structure of the earth, rescue the world in a critical moment, and establish the Great Union of Earth Federation! Expanding the territory and fighting the threat from the sky.

Chapters (52)

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