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Rank: 267th, it has 18085 monthly / 220577 total views.
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Genres: Manga / Ecchi / Mature / Smut
Status: Ongoing
She keeps getting fondled while being exposed to men's ogling. It's awful, but... each time the Young Master's manhood touches her sensitive bits, her love juices overflow...!
This has become a bit much for me. I'm stopping at 8. Feel Free to take over.

Tip - Do you want to know how to download from a computer? I use firefox, I go to the coolmic website, pick the episode, on the keyboard click F12, ctrl+shift+M(RD Mode), change "Responsive"(right above the site to the left) pick what phone you want(I use Galaxy S9/S9+), ctrl+r(reload webpage). Move to the bottom of page to make sure all pages load. Then in the upper left corner click Tools, page info, Media, Select All, then Save As. Delete unwanted images from your folder.
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Tip - If your Menu Bar is missing(you can't find "Tools"), If you don't have one on the top left corner then at the very top of firefox right click and you will see the words Menu Bar, check mark it. Tools will be right next to Help.
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